Monday, October 7, 2013

Open letter to Dilma Rousseff

Dear Dilma Rousseff:

If you would like to make it obvious to all foreign governments that you won't tolerate industrial espionage of the type perpetrated by the CSE, then here's what you do: confiscate all Brazilian assets of all Canadian mining and oil & gas companies.

I dunno how much those assets are worth, but I'd expect it's enough to get the rest of the world's attention. And after all, they were obtained illegally through espionage, weren't they? Why should these companies profit from espionage? Take 'em all and hand 'em over to Vale or something. Who cares. The Canadians didn't play nice, so take away their toys.

Then, threaten all employees of these companies with arrest for espionage. That'll keep them out of your hair. Who cares if they whine in Canada?

Who knows? Maybe a good stiff $10-$50 billion kick in the balls of the Canadian economy will make other countries behave a little better in the future.

If you don't want foreign governments to fuck around with you, then act like it.


I'll Make The Fucking Trains Run On Time, If They Know What's Good For Them

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