Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Open letter to Allan Quatermain, formerly of King Solomon's Mines

Hey Bob!

You used to be at the head of a billion dollar exploreco.

This business with Strathcona seems to have cut your market cap by several hundred million in the space of two weeks.

Good job!

I expect this means it's going to be easier for you to put your property into production now that your market cap has been more than halved? I mean, without diluting out the upside for your shareholders?

Or maybe you'll be able to sell out PVG at an even higher offer price? Because so many more companies are going to be interested in this property now that Strathcona has quit, right?

I mean, somehow you've added tremendous value for your shareholders with this whole Strathcona quitting thing, right?

I mean, you must feel that the market action of the past few weeks justifies your decisions, right?

What do you say, Bob?

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