Monday, October 7, 2013

new Rio Alto news release

It has a catchy title.

Junior Mining Network - Rio Alto Produces a Record 59,157 Ounces of Gold in Q3 2013.

That's a bit better than 55k, anyway. An so the stock begins to recover from last week's pukefest.

Here's some body:
As part of its 2013 operating strategy, the Company completed the west-wall cutback of the Calaorco Pit which is reflected in the 2013 quarter by quarter decrease in stripping ratio from 2.50 tonnes of waste to one tonne of ore in Q1, to 2.25 in Q2 and 1.12 tonnes of waste to one tonne of ore in Q3. Management continues to optimize mining activities at La Arena and believes that the Company will continue to generate strong positive cash flows.

Permitting for the La Arena Phase II project is underway and a definitive feasibility study for the project is scheduled to be completed in Q2, 2014.

"Excellent progress has been made at La Arena during 2013. Not only have we achieved record quarterly gold production and on track to achieve our production guidance, but we also have been able to come up with a plan to continue high levels of gold production going forward whilst reducing our operating costs. 2013 was always going to be our worst year from a cost perspective because of the west-wall cutback but from the end of 2013 onwards, the project we will see a steady reduction of unit costs. The construction of the electrical substation and connection to the national energy grid is progressing well and on track for operation in Q3 2014. We are also analyzing the possibility of including an in-pit crushing and conveying option for ore and waste in our Phase II project to reduce our dependency on diesel fuel and hence lower operating costs. Other potential improvements to the Phase II project are currently being analyzed which has pushed the completion time for the definitive feasibility study to Q2, 2014." commented Alex Black, President & CEO.
I'm sure the usual suspect will toot RIO's horn on his own blog once he gets around to reading the important news instead of stuff about canned guinea pig.