Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let's check in on PretiVm's shareholder value creation strategy

Let's see if PretiVm's chart has recovered from yesterday, shall we?

Oh my. Good work Bob Quartermain, CEO of a formerly-billion-dollar exploreco!

I wonder how much institutional ownership this stock saw when it was still over $7? The last data I've found is from June 30, and has the following:

Dude at Weiss must really be patting himself on the back.

You have to wonder if the folks at Royce & Ass., Assport, Scum Valley, Toronto Demon-minion Bank and Sprott (that guy again) are having interesting discussions on the topic of having lost millions in the past few weeks just because Strathcona pulled out of VoK?

There have been 29.8M shares traded since the October 9 press release announcing Strathcona's resignation. You'd have to wonder how much insto ownership remains in PVG, or if all the instos have now bailed, turning PVG into the typical zero-insto exploreco that slowly chews thru retail capital, grinding down a further 90% from here.

In other news, I had go look up "mine dilution" on the internet last night.

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