Thursday, October 24, 2013

In the interest of fairness, I'll report PVG is rocketing back up today

Well, look at this:

PVG's recovering.

You'd have to wonder if maybe Strathcona is hastily telling people that their "no resources, therefore no reserves" statement was not a professional opinion on the validity of PVG's resource's NI-43-101 compliance.

Cos it was being interpreted that way by a number of lawyers as of yesterday, and after all there's no guarantee that any of the law firms had the slightest clue what the meaning of a NI-43-101 "resource" was, which seemed to be the basis of their lawsuits alleging conscious misrepresentation. "How do you apply the NI-43-101 definition of a 'resource' to an extreme lognormal vein system" might actually be a valid defense, especially as geologists seem to have been at odds over the VoK for the past several years to begin with. They all know there's gold there, they just seem to disagree as to what'll happen when you try to mine it.

Who the hell knows. I'm not speaking for Strathcona. Maybe this is all down to someone going on BNN this morning? Anyone know?

At least Bob Quartermain can take his F-350 off Kijiji for the time being.

The question now is whether this is just a flood of retail buying based on chatter, or whether all the instos that dumped on the Strathcona news have found some reason to buy back. I doubt it could possibly be "all", but whatever.

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