Monday, October 21, 2013

four late newsbits

Was busy even thru lunch. So here's a few little tidbits of news:

Calculated Risk - comments on existing home sales. As he has said before:
What matters for jobs and the economy are new home sales, not existing home sales.
Existing home sales don't add much in the way of wealth to the economy.

Bespoke - crude inventories rise more than expected. Again, cheaper gasoline and oil are bullish for the US economy.

FT beyond brics - Sensex advances too much. Then again, has it advanced too much compared to the peak in 2008?

BI - debunking yet another gold scam. Cullen Roche debunks the first five minutes of a "gold is money" advertainment video. Read it, and maybe watch the video, to see how many of their lies are being repeated by your local goldbug blogger or newsletter writer.

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  1. I was going to mention this to you, which links to his comment about the gold is money bit as well.