Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Four charts for the US market

Why yes, I dumped my NBG this morning between $5.20 and $5.33, thanks for asking.

And here's 4 charts for the US:

NASDAQ has about dropped to its 50-day.

$RUT is sitting on its 50-day. Again, a big candle.

SPY has actually borkened its 50-day.

And $VIX is +3SD, possibly with higher to go if this Republican terror campaign continues. VIX term structure at this second has gone very backward for Oct-Dec. In fact, spot VIX at 20.45 is at May 2014 levels. I haven't watched $VIX during a crash before, so this will be a fun little learning experience for me.

Earnings season starts tonight. I wonder if anyone will be paying any attention?

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