Sunday, October 6, 2013

Five Sunday morning newsbits

Billy Bishop is back at the helm, so the China news is flowing again. Here's some stuff:

NY Times - China's economy back on track. Henry Paulson seems to suggest the future is bright for China, specifically because the leadership spent the last decade avoiding reform altogether.

Reuters - property database delay frustrates China's anti-graft drive. Wonder how this resolves? Sinocism notes that this was in all the domestic news a couple months ago.

WSJ China Realtime - China debates benefits of inheritance tax. I guess it can't happen if you don't even know what the rich people own, right? Then again, rich Whiteys also don't make their assets visible to Western governments either, do they? China definitely needs tax revenues from somewhere.

Reuters - China aims to triple trade with Malaysia by 2017. Erp... so we know that the EMs are going to get crippled by a higher cost of money as the US interest rates normalize. But does continued multiplication of trade with China cushion the blow, maybe? I wish I knew more about the last EM bear market; this time might be different, I'll admit.

Investor Intel - if you want to understand gold, look at Asia. No clue who this guy is, or whether he's worth reading. It's just nice to know that people have picked up on what I've been saying for the past year already. Gold isn't American. Whitey better wise up.


  1. Have you noticd the Gold slam downs are becoming less and less effective? Since most spec money has left the slams are not triggering the stops as much, therefor they are less effective. No more headlines more jokes about the daily swings with sound bites from "gold experts" that make no sense.

    I must add that the douche bag ruskies walking around over here in their Addidas track outfits love to show off their big gold necklaces then again Russia is part of Asia.

    1. Most spec money has left? What does the CoT say?

      Though how important is CoT when gold's now trading in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore, right? I guess you don't want to slam Chicago for your short, only to see the price go back up overnight.

      Who knows. Point remains, Whitey ain't the boss of gold.

    2. I wonder what Russian tourists in Spain think of North American tourists in Spain?

      And what's Russian for douchebag, anyway?

      btw, if memory serves the most popular tourists in Spain were from either Poland or Czech Rep. With the Spanish bar/restaurant owners at least, cos all they did was drink beer all day.

    3. A good thing when you see a Russian down the street is to yell "yoap tvoy mats".

      It means "hooray for the motherland".

      The Russian word for douchebag is "roosky".

  2. In L'loret du Mar there are Russians everywhere. All the menu's are in spanish, english and russian. The Russians are definitely distinguishable in fact they are entertaining.

    Ever since Spain introduced the "buy a place for €250,000 and get citizenship this year the russians are buying like crazy...Spain can thank Cypress for that.

    Not too many dirt bag Gringo's here but plenty of Lager Louts.

  3. Lloret used to be a real dump (i'm talking 15-20 yrs ago, though), the Benidorm of Cataluyna. How's it looking now?

    1. It still is a is the Acapulco of Spain but over run with Ruskies. We got a 4 star hotel up on the hill for €60 a night and have been basting ourselves poolside before heading back to the moldy city.
      There are a few gems on the Costa Brava, but this town is not one of them.