Monday, October 7, 2013

And now, some evening news

Embarrassingly, NBG closed at $5.39, and some goof ticked SBL to $0.13. So I'm actually feeling pretty good, despite still being a major bagholder of Rio Alto.

Anyway, here's some evening news:

Michael Shaoul - global financial conditions and the Washington standoff. Geez, there's a lot of guys expecting that the Rethuglicunts won't pull the pin.

der Spargel - interview with George Soros on Greece. See also his Project Syndicate article. I like how he notes the three bailouts of Germany; what he doesn't note is the long period of low European rates that were meant to aid Reunification, but which instead blew property bubbles in the periphery.

Reuters - Chile expansion remains robust. I guess the commodity market must not be so dead after all, eh? I mean, if the commodity supercycle is dead, you should be able to write off Chile first, no?

Mineweb - tax officials raid diamond traders in India. Only here because I'm wondering how much these guys are connected to the gold smuggling industry. Then again, it's not like any government has ever managed to stop smuggling before, right?

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