Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A few boring newsbits, not really anything to get worked up about

Really, I've found all the news to be utterly boring, and so haven't been posting my normal news thingies. But what the hell, I'll waste your time with some stuff now:

FT beyond brics - China set for most ambitious reforms in a generation. Some guy with his opinions. I'll wait for Billy Bishop's take on the Plenum.

Mineweb - miners still unwinding hedges despite Goldman's advice. By the way, someone post a pic of Jeffrey Currie somewhere, so that when gold fails to go to $1000 in the next year or two we can all find him and give him a good punch in the cock.

Sean Brodrick - a heads-up on gold. Blah blah Shanghai gold at discount. We'll see. Could just be that the London-Geneva-Shanghai pipeline's recently been widened. Meanwhile, the Chinese government is tightening liquidity in advance of the Plenum, obviously cos they don't want bullshit going on when they're in a meeting; without a material change to the Chinese economy I don't envision the liquidated gold changing the existing supply-demand situation there.

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