Sunday, February 24, 2013

They keep dragging me in! Part 2: the also-rans

I dunno, maybe I can go see Tolhurst Roulston at PDAC next Sunday.

That Ralph Aldis works with Frank Holmes at US Global Investors - should I be scared? He likes Agnico, which is nice cos I just bought their warrants; he also follows George Topping, who as far as I remember is someone who IKN likes. He also picked the royalty companies. Maybe I'll go see him.

Paul Burton used to work at GFMS, and even worked in mining. In fact, he graduated from the Cambone School of Mines! Maybe he's worth a gander.

If I see them two, that gives me a 12:50-2:05 lunch break after Cookie. This means I miss Mickey Fulp, but I can't remember the last time I've heard him speak about anything other than his favourite stock picks, and I can get that from his website.

I might stick around for Roulston, depending on how I feel. Maybe I then stay for Adrian Day, maybe not - I don't know if he's going to be saying anything new. I'll avoid McCoach and Rule, they seem to be twats.

Still not sure I'm going, but if I am, that seems like enough work for me.

I admit Keith Schaefer might be interesting, but I might go to that thing on Saturday with him and Coffin and Roulston. Then again, just looking at that list of companies presenting on Saturday, this is how they've fared in the past year:

Not particularly stunning, guys.

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  1. I run far away from anything with Frank Holmes' name on it. His invest in China bullshit never ends. Yes, donate to the kleptocracy because their stock market is so honest and on the level, comrades!

    Schaefer's a tout but for some reason I've done ok with freebies from him. It's just that they aren't long term holds, you have to get out before it's time to tally up his ytd results, lol. Oil junior investing is really volatile, just like explorecos.

    Too bad Paul van Eeden isn't there, he was a trip at SFHA. He's a good speaker, but he's into the goldpocalypse shit, yet he does his investing based on a fairly sound view of what is actually happening vis the Fed, macro, etc. He's like a guy who is a functional realist but indulges in a goldbug fantasy on the side but doesn't really put his money there. Weird, but entertaining if nothing else.