Sunday, February 24, 2013

Precious Metal House website under construction?

I was thinking about buying yet more bullion for the coming apocalypse, don'tcha know.

So I go to Precious Metals House, thinking I'd check out what their markups are over spot. They tend to be within maybe 2% on 1toz, though higher on half-ounce and smaller gold denominations - so if things are different now that'd be interesting to me.

And guess what?

Website under maintenance.

I wonder if they do this when they feel the gold price is too low for them to want to sell anything?


  1. No I think this is because they went bust.

  2. I cover this issue here

    I stop dealing with PMH over a year ago. If you want a reliable dealer go with TorontoGoldBullion or SilverGoldBull