Monday, February 25, 2013

evening news

Bonddad - a closer look at the leading economic indicators. Not great, but still indicating growth. Stick that in your pipe, mister OMG ITS A LIQUIDITY CRISIS WE'RE ALL DOOOOOMED.

Beyond Brics - various people have differing opinions about the weak China flash PMI. How about let's leave it for a month? I doubt that a country of 1.3 billion people can turn its economy on a dime. - various people have differing opinions about gold. Yeah, sorry, I'm doing a poor job of giving a fucking shit what Gene Arensberg and Ole Hansen think. What are they anyway, the lead singer of Kiss and a center for the Vancouver Canucks?

Mineweb - some guy on the internet has an opinion about gold. Again, meh.

Beyond Brics - India offers banking licenses to hopefully serve the rural poor. Except they aren't luring companies with the promise of profit, so it won't accomplish anything. Besides, if you're some peasant in Bhilai Nagar, who are you going to trust: Tata Motors Bank, or (ahem) a handful of shiny yellow metal? - gold nanorods offer new way of getting energy from the sun. Gold: is there anything it can't do?

Vancouver Venture - keeping the lights on. That's hilarious - a company refinancing at one cent. It's only worth $552K to begin with, and the last time its price was over 4 cents was 2008. Why can't Darcy Krell and Doreen Boitard just shave and sterilize this bunny and get on with their lives? And that brings up an interesting point: out of all the Kaiserdoom companies on the Venture, how many of them sucked last year too?

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