Thursday, January 10, 2013

What to wear at PDAC this year?

So I'm trying to figure out what sort of wackaloon I should try to look like for this year's PDAC (not the Nicaragua seminar Monday - that's serious and I'll dress like a normal for that). t-shirts are hideously fucking expensive - apparently "free trade" doesn't actually exist in Canada, so they charge us something like a 100% tax on t-shirts from the US. So I doubt I'll actually buy any of these. But here's what I had in mind:

Maybe I should wear this at PDAC. After all, it's kinda hopeful, no? What a nice message that would be to the people at PDAC: "If you buy junior mining stocks, you can become one of the 1%!".

That is, if by "1%" it means "fairly rich person" and not "homeless hobo subsisting on toe lint and cold gravel".

I mean, investing in juniors could turn you into one of those too, but that's usually not the intent.

This is the type of t-shirt I usually wear anyway.

In all seriousness, I'm strongly anti-surveillance and anti-tyranny.

Yeah... if I wear this one it'll definitely get me arrested.

But fuck dude, if you wanna be in-your-face, this is the t-shirt to wear!

I say, very witty!


Again, anti-propaganda, the type of thing I'd usually wear.

"Target the Illuminati". Somewhat sinister, but only for those who know the lingo of the movement, so less likely to get me arrested. An update to my CSIS file is still possible, though.

So it's hard to decide. I'll have to think about it. And as I said, they're all unconscionably expensive for t-shirts.


  1. Expensive in FIAT CURRENCY terms perhaps, but a snip in gold ounces.

    1. Your attempt to spread the goldbug virus has been recorded in your file.

  2. Most apropos would be a Lone Ranger outfit, I think.