Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goddamn Swedish bastard made me look up music videos from 1981

Damn bastard!

I vaguely remembered Marillion, so I went and looked for them on YouTube, and came across this:

Frankly, Marillion's music doesn't really carry across the ages very well, does it?

By comparison, here's Canadian band Saga from 1981, playing not even one of their hits, but just the first song of the set:

The music ages nicely, though the fashion sense is another story. In case you're wondering, Michael Sadler's not trying to be horribly gay or anything, it's just that Queen was big back then too and... well... nobody told him at the time that it was wrong to act like Freddie Mercury on stage.

He got better.

Anyway, three bits of trivia here are

1) My brother in law once saw Saga open for FM. FM were blown not just off the stage, but off the face of the earth.
2) Ha! I also opened for Nash the Slash from FM once.
3) And I was once using the same studio as Steve Negus, Saga's drummer.

The Canadian music scene is very small.

Anyway, but if you were into music in Canada in 1981, you wouldn't have been as into Saga as you were into Aldo Nova:

Who, despite the leopardskin jumpsuit (WHAT THE FUCK WERE PEOPLE SMOKING BACK THEN), was way rockin.

Or April Wine:

Brilliant, classic song.

Now please get 1981 the fuck out of my head!!!!!


  1. Crikey, I was only 2 in 1981! Maybe I should start hanging out with kids my own age?!

    1. Great, so have fun talking to people about Soundgarden and Spice Girls then.

  2. I grew up during the 80s and I never fancied Marillion, I was more into Iron Maiden and Judas Priest back then. Don't hold it against me, it could have been Milli Vanilli or Samantha Fox.

    1. Yeah, that was my highchool. All metal, all the time. You didn't even MENTION Human League in that school.

      (Funny enough, it turned out that Rob Halford was gay, not Human League.)

      I was hipster enough, even back then, to turn my nose up at Metallica. "That new metal isn't real metal!"