Friday, January 11, 2013

Dunno what's up so here's a Business Insider article

Here's BI on the dependency ratios for China, Korea and Japan.

Here's the chart:

And here's what happened in Korea and Japan when the demographic horse turned:

Something to keep in mind.

UPDATE: Had to download the charts from BI because it turns out the fuckers made hotlinking to their hosted pics forbidden. I find that to be quite ironic, considering all Business Insider did was take screenshots from a Morgan Stanley presentation.

Seriously, fuckers: if you're going to post stolen data on your news site, allow hotlinking to said stolen data. Otherwise you're being fucking pricks.

Or at least change the filenames from "screenshot[...].png" and photoshop out the Morgan Stanley name from the bottom left corner.


  1. You are mixing things up:
    Japan and Korea had no single child policy.
    China has. And will abandon it.

    1. Oh, I'm mixing things up? No shit, eh? Japan and Korea had no single child policy? Then why did their dependency ratios turn down?

      I'll assume your reading comprehension isn't as pathetic as you just demonstrated, and that your ignorance isn't willful, and suggest that you do some reading:

      And you say China will abandon their single child policy? No shit? Really? You know this? And does that automatically mean they will have more kids than they do now? And how is that supposed to positively impact China's dependency ratio in the next ten years, given children are also dependents and don't have jobs?

      How about if you do some more reading:

      You've just proven that you're one of the ignorant toddler-like fools who spout off words that they barely even comprehend and think that this makes them look intelligent. I only posted this comment of yours so that I could post these wikilinks for other people who want to learn more; you may as well not bother submitting any more comments until you demonstrate that you've begun fucking educating yourself.

      Because right now, you look like nothing but a huge fucking waste of organic matter.


      Had to look that one up