Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A few news bits

New Deal Democrat - 2013 outlook part two. Worth a read. He actually extrapolates based on data, instead of the more mainstream practice of pulling stuff out your ass.

Bespoke - the world remains overbought. I guess a healthy pullback here, when it'd scare everyone about some sort of impending doom, would be a good thing to thin the herd, eh?

JC Parets - consumer discretionary losing steam. Well, I guess when you jack up taxes by 2% on the working class and poor, like Osama Fartbongo just did, it really will kill consumer discretionary, no?

BI - some KWN/Sprott type nattering on about India and gold demand. I don't know who Doug French is, but I assume he's just another moron goldbug; but that makes it significant that he has written an article bullish on gold that concentrates on things that really exist (Indian gold demand) instead of on the psychosis of conspiracy theorists (OMG US collapse and teh race warz). That makes it two goldbug loons who've glommed on to the India idea now; I didn't know my blog was so popular!

60 Minutes - India's love affair with gold. A show from last February, referenced by the guy in the article above. Also read the comments, as actual Indians have waded in to clarify what the white trash at CBS News didn't grasp.

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  1. Iwnattos: Driving the gold debate since 2012.

    One thing i've pondered on many an occasion is the concept of comsumer discretionaries around the world. In N. America they'd be a Starbuck's coffee or the latest Monopoly regional edition, right? In South America I'd guess they'd be things such as meat or new shoes.