Saturday, November 3, 2012

If you really want Xmas music...

SomaFM has been streaming free music on the interwebz for something like 10 years now, and has enough cred that last time I checked, a SomaFM link was even packaged with BackTrack. And every year, their most-loved stream is the "Xmas in Frisko" playlist. It's pop Xmas music, traditional Xmas music, punk Xmas music (the Vandals are on as I type), and funny and strange Xmas music.

You can find SomaFM here, the playlist homepage is here, and you can bring the pls up in your WinAmp (if you have it) by clicking on this thing here.

So if you really really are desperate for some Xmas music, link up to SomaFM.

Friday, November 2, 2012

An article on Liberty Silver that isn't utter chickenshit

It's hard to find an article on the net about Liberty Silver that isn't utter childish chickenshit.

One guy who seems to have gone beyond the call of duty, and actually do some digging, is some dude or whatever at World of Mining.

Among other things, he notes their September corporate presentation has been wiped off their website. Interesting!

He also points out LSL has a market cap higher than Silver Bull or Impact, despite not actually having any economic silver.

He also points out LSL don't even meet the TSX's own listing requirements.

Clever fellows on the internet!

One interesting chart comparison and one self-satisfied gloat

Well, gold and silver puked today because supposedly a good US economy means India and China stop buying 50% of all world gold production.


The miners are at a point of horizontal support and a lower bollinger band. Which is amazing since gold in world currency has been doing this:

Not that bad. And today with the selloff I feel less bad about having sold almost everything and putting the money into CXB. :-)

So where do the miners go from here? I have to admit, I was starting to suspect the strong day Oct 31 was just caused by portfolio rotators, dumping other crap and buying the hell out of the miners. Now it looks like that was true, and today we're back into that slow downward channel. Though since some juniors do look good against this backdrop, it's probably nothing to get concerned about. I use FNV as my own barometer of doooom, and that still looks okay.

Meanwhile, permasilverbug Turd Ferguson has this to say about today's PM action:


What a moron. People still read that clown? Obviously not people with money. God, it's like living in the 80s and hearing that people watch Joanie Loves Chachi. Yeah, Turd is still "trying to do his best to educate and prepare the masses"; unfortunately anyone who follows that idiot's calls is going to get blown up day after day after day.

Hey, guess what, all you ZeroHedgers and Turd Ferguson lovers: if your theory is correct that gold advances are caused by "money printing", then you're fucking screwed now that good economic data is coming out of the US and China. In fact, the hammerblow down this morning at 8:30 was caused by HFTs which are programmed with your stupid theory! You have nobody to blame but yourselves!

Conversely, if you see the light and abandon that geographically ignorant, economically infantile worldview that the US is the only country in the world and instead come over to my way of thinking, you'll realize that today is a good thing for gold; because as the US economy strengthens and China rounds the corner, the demand for physical gold (50% of which demand comes from India and China, if you believe the Lizard People and their zionist co-conspirators at the World Gold Council) will rise, and (if you still believe in communist Nazi muslim atheist theories like "supply and demand determine price") gold and silver will then go up.

So it's up to you. A happy reality, or an increasingly dismal fantasy.

Morning - good jobs report supposedly means nobody wants gold anymore

So there was a good jobs report out of the USA this morning, and gold immediately puked.

Which obviously means there's a bunch of HFTs programmed to puke on a good jobs report. We knew that.

Like I keep saying - the USA's economy is carrying the world right now, so any improvement in the US economy should be good for gold and silver if their prices are dependent on industrial production and Asian growth.

Instead gold acts as if a good jobs report means the US stops printing money - which as Gartman notes, it's not doing to begin with - and that therefore gold demand is annihilated because according to goldbugs the only people who buy gold are survivalist wackaloons in Mississippi. Not rich Chinese or Indian peasant farmers.

Meh... we'll see what happens today. Maybe, at the very least, all those miner stocks that popped yesterday and Wednesday will drift back down today? Otherwise, the folks in Bombay can buy gold on special today, just in time for Diwali.

Friday videos - Purcell's The Fayrie Queene

For your Hallow's Even week, here's a complete recording of The Fayrie Queene, with Spanish subtitles and everything!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last "blog stats" post of the day

So I know that there's some people out there who wonder how much traffic my blog actually gets in a day. Ooh, is he a famous person, they say? Is he awesome and shit?

Well, I have maybe a dozen readers, and a lot of those are people you would never want to meet in person.

The most traffic that I get is through Google searches; obviously, there are a large number of people out there who do their stock research via Google (ain't the internet awesome?) and for some reason a lot of the time that leads them to my little ramshackle hut in a festering swamp in the woods.

But then there's this:

For the love of God and all that is holy!

To be fair, a lot of those D.C. searches are probably being generated by her recent Casey interview that was put up two days ago on Youtube. The D.C. traffic is usually quite a lot less than that - maybe only 2-3 searches a day, mainly from places like Thailand and India where to be fair men probably have a lot less to do with their time. So it's the Casey loons who are all wound up about their new internet idol, and have swarmed out onto the internet searching for all the info they can find.

Now with my advanced learning in Sociology and Moranology, I'm able to deduce a few things:

1) Most Casey fans are horribly single and fucking lame.
2) Most Casey fans are clueless fucktards who are tardishly oblivious to basic social cues.

To wit:

Now quit bugging the internet.

SOX three word post




R Daniela interviews Dennis Gartman

Well, at least he's not another fucking Casey. And he makes some good points that show he's not one of the morons spouting off ideological talking points.

Oh, speaking of which, I got the most intriguing abusive rant at youtube in response to a comment I posted on the Casey interview. Hateful, venomous, and also poorly spelled. So I guess that's the level of the average Casey worshipper?

FNV for the TA doubters

Check it out....

OK, tech analysis doubters! Do you see?

That's a triangle!

And you thought TA was a waste of time?

(I guess it means a target of $59.25 by weekend, I dunno. I just saw the triangle, that's what's most important to me, that and FNV goes up while gold goes down.)

Slow day at the office when you start googling yourself

This blog stats thing is fun. Thanks Otto, thanks Statcounter.

FWIW Rob your stock has probably turned the corner and should start moving up again. I don't buy though, cos from now on I'm avoiding north-of-60 and teh ebil Satanic Glencore. PS check into buying some Calibre Mining; it's a guaranteed double from here.

The OTHER Sandstorm

And hey, check out Sandstorm Metals and Energy:

They've turned their worthless bankrupt streams into profitable ones, Nolan Watson is doing even more appearances on TV and in the media, and you all should think I'm a fucking nutjob for having bought 500K of their December 21 US$0.70 warrants because why should they finish in the money anyway?

But to me this is a very sexy turnaround story. Can Watson really turn around SND? After all, SSL did something like a double in six months; would you pay a premium to own a Donner Metals copper stream, a few gas wells, a coal bed somewhere, and a big brother present of a PGM stream?

The thing is, if those warrants can finish in the money, it's equivalent to a $100M financing. Watson's demonstrated that he can get a $200-$300M NPV out of a $100M investment, so strangely, the minute they can get the share price to 70 cents, it's worth $1. It's a bistable system. Freeeeeaky.

My warrants were a gamble, and I understand I can lose every last cent. But it gives me a good reason to follow this really weird and interesting story.

Semis - turning point or not?

Here's the semiconductor index:

So are the semis turning a corner, or is this simply them bunging the top of the downward channel before another dive lower?

I'm not particularly interested in a semi play right now, but it does look like here's the point where you want to watch the action... especially if the S&P has bottomed.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bob Moriarty on the Gold Report

Here's a fun little article from Gold Report: horror stories from junior mining!

No seriously: Bob Moriarty gets interviewed about companies whose stock prices have been so decimated that they're trading at a discount to cash, even with what he considers valuable assets besides.

I wouldn't touch these, since you could say "well, they obviously suck real bad or else why would they trade even at a discount to cash?"; after all, even the cash will disappear if you have idiot management paying themselves huge enough salaries to do nothing. But, maybe if you have some sort of system that watches stocks for you, you could stick the tickers in and tell your machine to let you know when they stop sucking price-wise.

A new idea - $SPTGD

Bull Market Run likes using $SPTGD for their gold mining indicator. I like the idea too - it's Canadian, and we're the country for gold; also, I suspect it might be priced in CAD, which is important to me because what the fuck do I care what US ETFs are doing is USD?

Anyway, here's the chart:

And you've already got your MACD crossover happening and your Bollinger median beat.

Gentlemen, start your engines: November has begun.

GDX meanwhile looks even better

Here's GDX:

That one definitely broke the EMA(16), the Bollinger mean, and also the downtrend channel upper limit. Now the MACD wants to turn positive right at 0.

I think November's started, guys....

GDXJ breakout?

Here's GDXJ as of noonish:

I look at it breaking above the EMA(16) after bouncing off the EMA(55), and think that this sort of fits the criteria for something I should want to be bullish about.

Let's see how things hold up for the rest of the day, eh? Popping above the Bollinger mean would be next on the list that I'd like to see.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kitco wars! Doug Casey versus Charles Krauthammer

Here's Our Daniela interviewing self-important Ayn Rand-worshipping right-wing doomer Doug Casey:

His best line: "These idiots want to throw more money at (grimaces) schools!"

Meanwhile, here she is interviewing someone who's not a fucking idiot and who's held a real job more than once in his life, Charles Krauthammer:

David Bond's sterling defense of Liberty Silver (see what I did there?)

Hoo boy.

Read it now, because given other promoters' past actions, you just know it'll disappear off the internet in 2 weeks:

David Bond - Those Nasty Shorters Are Shorting Liberty Silver!!!1!!eleven!!

What do I think? Given James West has deleted his LSL writeup, and Jeb Handwerger has set his LSL video chat on YouTube to "unlisted", both possibly because of embarrassment, David Bond is certainly distinguishing himself with his quite strong and firm conviction. I mean, he truly stands out.

I mean, this is the level of self-confidence and unconquerable vigour whose only parallel is when a new fish with a known interest in the music of Justin Bieber is taking a shower at Kingston Pen and offers to reach down and pick up someone's dropped bar of soap.

And by the way, for perspective, in case you haven't been reading this blog for long, here's

- IKN's writeup on Liberty Silver from IKN179;
- IKN's post on Liberty Silver where he says "it's impossible to get a lend and go short";
- his link to the Liberty Silver SEC letter itself.

And if you don't believe the rabid drunken blatherings of a rogue Peruvian blogger,

- here's Peter Koven from the National Post.

UPDATE: no nasty comments now!

UPDATE 2: it took seven days. Today, Tue 6 Nov 2012, both and have disappeared off the face of the earth, taking David Bond's article with them. However, his article is still up for now at

Interestingly, though, Jeb Handwerger has removed the "unlisted" status for his LSL video chat on YouTube, so you can now find it again. I'd be happier if he edited his video description to now give everyone a "caveat emptor" disclaimer, because I mean for crying out loud.

Sean Brodrick's book

My L2 isn't working properly; I guess this (Canadian) discount brokerage's data feed for the (Canadian) TSX Venture index is located in the fucking Outer Rockaways or on a barge floating on the Hudson River.

So I stumbled across a bunch of reviews at Amazon for Sean Brodrick's book.

Most of the reviews are "blah blah helpful blah blah realistic blah blah not an insane conspiracy theorist" type stuff written by people who are obviously his loyal readership to begin with. And it is nice to know that if you want to find a survivalist book that isn't written by an insane conspiracy theorist or a supposed ex-SAS stormtrooper, then there is at least one out there.

But this review makes the book particularly compelling:

Ooh! he "accepts as fact such hoax's as 'Global Warming'"? And blames GW Bush for problems? And his book is therefore "a paranoid leftist rant"?

Sounds like an awesome read to me!

Anyway, I'm having more fun reading his reviews of movies about Norwegian Nazi zombies and other really apocalyptic stuff. Dude, if you're preparing for the coming Norwegian Nazi zombie apocalypse, then you're way the fuck ahead of me; I'm still working on preparing for the Black Helicopters and the FEMA Camps.

"Sexy Osama bin Laden"?!?

BI has an entirely unnecessary exploitative article on entirely unnecessary exploitative halloween costumes.

God knows why they didn't make this one #1:

The others are just silly, but this one... brain stop work now

Some more blog stats fun

Fun blog searches today:

The good news is they're finally beginning an investigation maybe? The bad news is they're doing it with Google search. And don't know how to use quotes in Google search.

Stifel Nicolaus, if your guy has to do a Google search on NAV/share, you maybe need to start teaching classes on the topic.

Liberty Silver Ottotrans

News release yesterday after the bell:

Liberty Silver Comments on Recent Trading Activity

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 29, 2012) - Liberty Silver Corp. (TSX:LSL) ("Liberty Silver" or the "Company") stated that it is not aware of any material undisclosed development or other reason that would account for recent appreciation in the trading price of the Company's shares.
The Company wishes to advise the investment community that all official information regarding the Company must be derived solely from disclosure documents filed on, and the Company's website (
The shares of Liberty Silver trade on the TSX in Canada. For the present, the Company's stock will not immediately be listed, traded or quoted on any of the OTC Markets. The Company is reviewing the requirements necessary to permit its stock to resume trading on the OTCBB. The Company's stock may be traded in the US on the "grey market" or through US broker dealers who have access to the TSX.


Liberty Silver Comments on Recent Trading Activity

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 29, 2012) - Liberty Silver Corp. (TSX:LSL) ("Liberty Silver" or the "Company") stated that it is has no clue why its price has flown up to $1.39 instead of collapsing to $0.005. Maybe cos the only people who still own this stock are one guy in West Palm Beach, and a bunch of hayseeds in the US who got sold LSL by telemarketers and have no way to sell.
The Company wishes to advise the investment community that all official information regarding the Company must be derived solely from disclosure documents filed on, and the Company's website ( - and not from news releases from BG Financial or old disavowed but not deleted writeups from hack newsletter writers who've all gone incredibly silent about LSL all of a sudden.
The shares of Liberty Silver trade on the TSX in Canada. The Company will never get back onto the OTC Markets because they've got higher standards.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey, look at who's smack-dab in the path of the hurricane

Hey, guess who's smack-dab in the path of the hurricane?

Peter Grandich is who.

Perhaps God is sending him a punishment for his years of sinful hatred and wrath?

No, cos God doesn't exist. But if he did, then I think you'd have to interpret it as being a punishment for years of sinful hatred and wrath.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

OMGzorz everbodys going to die run run run

WSJ - sissy fag queerboy stock traders don't want to go to work in the rain Monday boo hoo. Also there's no public transit in NYC anymore, but that's only for the poors.

BI - it'll make landfall in NJ Monday night, which is fine cos the US didn't need that shit-stain of a state anyway. Maybe it can see fit to wipe off Delaware and Maryland too - they're only useful for landfill and Republicans.

I'm all stocked up on food, guns, and gold, so I'll be laughin' and burpin' and shootin' when that communist storm comes my way!

And by the way... it's pronounced "FRONKEN-sturm".

And here's the entire movie in 5 minutes:

Two news articles

Two news articles of importance:

BI - Emerging markets debt bubble. Now, the writer is Matthew Boesler who I have very little respect for (he's a hardcore doomer and permabear), but still there's been a fair bit of ink spilled just recently about how stupid EM debt has become.

The problem is, the institutions have become ever more risk-tolerant in their constant search for yield. Nobody wants to own UST10Y at 1.8%; they want to get their 5-7% with capital appreciation besides.

Normally, definitely in a bull market and even quite arguably here in a secular bear, you would put that money in the equity markets, in a good 3-6% yielding dividend stock with good LT growth potential - JNJ, CAT in today's EM growth world, T, GE, that sort of thing. But either these instos are buying bonds to maintain their antiquated 60-40 allocation, or they're simply too scared of the stock market.

I say that the slavish search for yield will eventually drive these guys back into stocks. Boesler, and a lot of other more reputable less tinfoilhatty commentators, say that we're seeing a vicious bond bubble that will only end badly.

NDD - summary of weekly US economic indicators. You should always read New Deal Democrat at the Bonddad Blog, OK? Always read him. Just do it. You get no better free summary of the US market from anyone. No bullshit politics, no psychology, just the hard data.