Saturday, September 22, 2012

Brent Cook on Korelin

Al Korelin does seem more and more a right-wing toadie with every day.

Still, this weekend he interviewed Brent Cook for 4 minutes.

Heh! Funny.

Weird, eh?

I was looking on Youtube for a video of that SNL sketch with John Goodman, where he's retiring from his job at the nuclear reactor, and he says to the kids taking over: "it's easy. You just have to remember one simple rule and everything will be fine: you can't have too much water in the reactor chamber." It's a funny sketch and I always get opportunities to use a reference to it.

Anyway, for some strange reason, one of the first videos that popped up was this:

Now, there are many warning signs:

1. All caps.
2. Montana.
3. Libertarian candidate.

With that in mind, it's an informative video to watch.

Why the hell am I saying that, you ask?

I've always loved conspiracy theories. This goes back to when I was a kid - there was the whole "heavy metal turns you into a Satan worshipper" thing, and since I was going to Headbanger High it was aimed at me and my people. There was the whole "dungeons and dragons turns you into a Satan worshipper" thing, which also hit us at home cos the intellectuals of the headbanger crowd played D&D.

(And by the way - it's frankly amazing at how many copies of Anton Lavey's "Satanic Bible" were floating around the school; and that was probably because the media was constantly hyping the Satan angle. I swear if they had instead been insisting that heavy metal and D&D turn you into good chefs, everyone would have been buying cookbooks.)

We even had our own satanic ritual abuse case in town. The local press even took all the idiotic allegations seriously - until, that is, the final story came out that the local TV station's studio was being used to make child-porn snuff videos for Satan. Ha! At that point, the press realized the allegations were a little nuts (cos everyone knew the local station wasn't doing such a thing - I mean, seriously?) and suddenly began to exercise some fucking common sense.

Anyway. Point being, the whole "NAFTA/one world government" meme was real big in the 90s. It was all taken so seriously then. But now that we have the benefit of some distance from that age, we can see how wacky the ideas were.

And this is one of the most important things that a person can ever learn!

Humans are story-creating machines. We create stories. You can't think without language, and your thinking always takes the form of a story. Math is a story. Music is a story. Your perception of your own body is a story. Your perception of that tree is a story. Everything, in the mind, is a story.

Problem is, while some stories are based on something approaching "empirical knowledge", that is not at all a necessary condition for the human mind to form a story. We make up stories about all sorts of silly things. We're addicted to it.

And sometimes the stories that we make up are based not on any sort of empirical knowledge. Sometimes they're based on silly fears, strange apocalyptic fantasies, and the need to feel that we have an important role to play in the world.

And when we find an exciting story, we're wired to want to participate in it. We want to join with the other weirdoes and play our roles in the story together. Stories get acted out - as a sort of role-playing game. We all learn the language, and we all repeat the phrases when it's our turn.

And that's where you get crazy shit like the above video.

So, I really strongly suggest you spend 10 minutes watching it. Not because it has any information of value. I want you to watch it because it's such a dated conspiracy theory that I know it'll work as a fantastic demonstration of how silly some ideas can be. I want you to feel that feeling that I get when I find it blindingly obvious how stupid some loony's idea is.

You can learn, from this video, what wacky ideas sound like. You'll begin to recognize the smell.

Wacky conspiracy theories tend to use code phrases that are invested with deep meaning; they tend to be based on unquestioned lines of reasoning that are often political in nature and can easily identify someone as a member of a specific political movement.

So in this video, the guy rails against "communism" and "one-world government" - because those were the deeply-meaningful code phrases used within the Bircher/Moonie movement.

Today, similarly deeply-meaningful code phrases include "Weimar", "hyperinflation", "Ludwig von Mises", "Ayn Rand", "plunge protection team", "death panels", "Obamacare", "Kenyan", "liberal", "birth certificate", "Greece", "socialism", "entitlement", "deficit", "money printing", "Bernanke", and "debt". Even words like "fiscal cliff" and "debt ceiling" have those code phrases.

When I'm reading thru a site like Business Insider, I automatically stop reading when I come across one of those phrases. Because they are indications that the writer isn't giving me the empirical facts; instead he's simply writing an empty screed. He's trying to participate in the mass role-playing game that is a particular conspiracy narrative.

(Tangentially, this is an interesting "Web 2.0" post-modern adaptation of the way you participate in conspiracy narratives. It used to be all you could do was watch them on TV and then have private conversations: now, you can write your own adaptation (sort of like "fanfiction about fanfiction") and post it on the net.)

And frankly, that kind of crap is an utter waste of your time. Even worse, it can lead you astray.

Yes, it's nice to keep track of the idiotic conspiracy theories. They can become popular. And when the silly fantasy of e.g. the US collapsing into a smoking ruin hits its maximum in popularity, that'll be your opportunity to bottom-tick the market.

But for god's sake: you need to inoculate yourself so you don't get suckered into any of these stupid narratives!

This week's new meme: Dow Theory

The ol' Dow Theory has suddenly popped into people's heads this week.

Here's WSJ Marketbeat: Don't ignore the warning signal coming from the transports! Woooo! Scary!

Here's BI: Woooo! Let's post an image of a transsexual and make a witty remark! Oh also be teh scaredz! Woooo!

But then, Bespoke points out there's no correlation and the two are also still within their range. Again proving that BIG is a great tool for cutting out the noise and bullshit.

As opposed to the typical internet "news" "writer", who's just a tool.

There certainly has been weakness in some rail traffic for a while - mainly cos of things like coal. (If you were reading New Deal Democrat's articles at the Bonddad Blog you'd know that already.) Trucking also suffers with high gas prices.

And Pacific shipping is looking brutal since US retail stocking for Xmas is slow-to-nonexistent: probably because the slowdowns in Europe and China (and mass-media "fiscal cliff" bullshit) have made retail management scared of a recession in the US, so they never bothered to put in their orders. Might be a really bad Xmas, sales-wise.

But if you want to use Dow Theory to say that today is the top of this bull move, you're going to be ignoring a shitload of other data - like NYSE new highs, for example. Or like retail's non-participation in this bull move. Frankly, today is not likely to be the top, no matter what the $TRAN vs $INDU divergence says.

Also, the above "trannies versus industrials" crap is not Dow Theory. Watching $TRAN vs $INDU is only one small indicator used in Dow Theory. Here. Read what Dow Theory really means. No? Fine. I'll summarize:

1. The market has three movements - major trend, intermediate reaction, and short-term swing.
2. Market trends have three phases - accumulation, participation, and distribution.
3. The stock market discounts all news. I.e. you can ignore all blogs from now on. Except obviously this one.
4. Stock market averages must confirm each other. That means the $INDU and $TRAN, sure, but don't forget the $RUT, QQQ, copper, bond yields, and so on.
5. Trends are confirmed by volume and why the fuck is it so hard to find a technical "analyst" who pays any attention to volume?
6. Trends exist until definitive signals prove they have ended. So, for example, shut up about the end of the bull move, you're wrong, because it's still going up.

That is Dow Theory. Sound familiar? Today you'd call it common sense.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Let's check up on Barkerville Gold Mines

Hey, I was checking through the Cambridge House agenda today* and saw Barkerville was one of the companies exhibiting.

Let's check up on how they're doing, shall we?

Oh dear....

Still halted?

I guess the sentence "the Company is working diligently to address the BCSC's concerns and will file a revised technical report for the BCSC to review as soon as possible" can be read in multiple ways, eh?

Anyway... the company has been silent all September. I guess that TR rewrite isn't going so well.

* - they've radically changed the agenda. Now Adrian Day is there Thursday, so I'll have to see him at 9; so then maybe I'll see Ian (not David) Graham at 10 cos his talk looks interesting too. Then Brent at 11, then maybe there's something worth seeing in the afternoon, but maybe not, so I might just go shopping in the afternoon.

So now the Friday sucks, cos they replaced Coffin with Calandra, so there's no reason to be there in the morning.

Lupaka doesn't suck now? What changed?

It's official. The Lupaka and Andean American shareholders agreed on the plan of arrangement to merge.

Lupaka dilutes out the upside for existing shareholders, and in return they get*:

1) something like $10M in Andean's kitty;
2) a 17% ownership stake in what someone said to me was something like "the single worst community relations situation in Peru";
3) The Invicta property, the existing deposits of which I doubt could ever be a mine (see the failed pre-feas that AAG cancelled, and also go read the older TR paying special attention to deposit size, cutoffs, and topography, and also ask your local Peruvian mining analyst about the community relations there); but which might have future prospective deposits you'd think, maybe, perhaps, since AAG's old QP Victor Jaramillo also worked for a bit at Lupaka, and I can't see any other reason why LPK would be convinced it's worth owning.

So, as a result, Lupaka shares have now shot up.

Huh? WTF? What changed?

I dunno... I wish I'd been there. (I'd have voted against the merger - unfortunately II misplaced my package til 2 days ago.) Maybe there was an assertion made that the drill results for the #2-#4 targets are about to be released? Is that it? Was there a core table set up at the meeting? Were the company geos there with big crazy smiles on their faces? Or maybe there's a brain virus out there which is making people buy Lupaka?

Cos this merger isn't supposed to be adding any alue to LPK. It's supposed to be diluting value away, market cap wise.
Well, I'll hold, now that I'm no longer underwater. We'll see.

* - note all info given in this post is from my memory only, and some may be wrong. Do your own due diligence you slack loser. Especially as it seems I'm suggesting that LPK's own due diligence was lacking! I mean! Who should you trust? Me? Or Eric Edwards?


WSJ Marketbeat - "The Fed, Deflation, and the Candyman". For Gary Tanashian fans.

Project Syndicate - "The Narrative Structure of Global Weakening". Robert Shiller obviously reads my blog. Good psychological/narrative-theory explanation for the behaviour of the human herd. It doesn't matter what is - what matters is what our expectations are.

All Star Charts - Retail isn't interested in this rally. Good news, to a contrarian. Problem is, is the contrarian right?

FT Alphaville - Zerohedge's hero Bob Janjuah is a twat and we can ignore him from now on. The blog comments generally seem to be intelligent. An example:

"He was banging the bearish drum at Morgan Stanley in 2001 and them amped it up at Bear Stearns for the net 5 years or so.... he was right in the end, but anyone following his calls would have been blown up so many times that once he was right it wouldn't have mattered. I distinctly remember him calling for an S&P sell off in 2009, 2010 and 2011 - every time it was for a target in the 900 point area. I think he reads the equally ridiculous elliot wave report and spruces it up as his own."
WSJ Marketbeat - "Traders Watch VIX Lows With Wary Eye". However. When the market goes up to a new range, you expect the $VIX to go down to a lower range. Don't you? Well, maybe you don't if you're a moron. Basically, there's no such thing as a "$VIX low" in a rising market.

ETF Trends - didja know there's a wheat ETF? Well, now you can ignore it.

FT Alphaville - solid Spain debt auction. Again, putting off a bailout is better than asking for a bailout! And yes, I personally feel Rajoy is being a genius for refusing to ask for a bailout til he can see ahead of time exactly how much the EU is going to demand he destroy his country. Really, at this point, buying time is the smart move for Spain.

BI - "Australian Deputy PM: The 'Cranks And Crazies' Of The GOP Are The Biggest Threat To America". And when an Aussie calls someone a "crank and crazy", thit's bladdy serious, mite.

Harpers - "A mind dismembered - in search of the magical penis thieves". In case you've forgotten my little thesis about stoooopidity being the default state for humans.

Friday videos - BWV 1065, the pantydropper of the 18th century

It's not the ideal version to show: #1, they cut out the second movement which can actually sound good (if done by the Kollner crew, anyway). And #2, for some weird reason they've gone and stuck 2 pianofortes in there and made the sound engineer's life a living hell.

But, in its favour, it's about the fastest and hoppingest version of the 3rd movement I've ever seen, and so you'll get some idea of how awesome this song would be if only it were playable by human beings.

I mean, seriously. Bach's concerto for 4 harpsichords, strings & basso continuo in A minor is what really separates the transcendent beings from the talking apes. You don't play this piece well; you don't even aspire to one day be able to play it well; you hope that one day not only will you be able to play it well, but that there'll be 3 others on the planet who will one day also be able to play it well.

So, listen and enjoy.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hilarious Obama commercial

After all, the right-wing loons have been taking Obama out of context for four years. So why not give a little back?

I think the idea is, he sounds like less of a Nazi thug when taken out of context.

On Molycorp

Blah blah rare earths blah blah China blah blah doooom.

Now that we've got that out of the way....

Molycorp has a 31% short interest.

Chart like that? 31% short interest? Convenient news articles on how rare earths are dead?

I sold yesterday for smokes money, but I'm buying half back today at a lower price, and will happily buy back the other half even lower if they hand it to me. It looks like a darn good setup to me.

I'm not expecting a huge snapback, since it's now trading at such high volumes that (assuming the short interest data isn't days old) the shorts can easily cover in a couple days.

If this is really going to be a pullback....

Sorta looks possible that, if we're maybe getting a pullback due to some new China/EMs/base metal demand fear that I haven't bothered to read about today, then maybe you losers who don't own any NCU yet would be able to buy in at $3.20 (EMA(8) provides typical support) or $3.00 (EMA(16) is even lower support).

Or, of course, this move is done and NCU will languish til winter when the new US President and Senate are in power.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The tungsten gold bars story is making the rounds again - this time with a twist

Here's a BI story on tungsten-filled gold bars.

#1, goodie. I'm happy to see the story making the rounds, casting the doubt on gold, so it can skyrocket to $2500 by Xmas.

#2, here's the kicker for me:
"Fadl says he bought the counterfeit from a Russian merchant who'd bought from him previously. He did not provide the merchant's name and said the man had already returned to his home country."
 Point being?

Don't do business with Russians!


UPDATE: Also, this story: Chinese sell tungsten-filled gold bars online.

Point being?

Don't do business with Chinese either!

Good entertainment viewing for tonight - the full Mittens Rmoney video

For those of you who like watching plane crashes, collapsing buildings, and the old comedy series "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em", here's some fine viewing for tonight.

Mitt Romney full video part one:

And part two, a.k.a. The Hero Returns:

He only chats for the first 13 minutes of video 2 - so for the rest of it you get to listen to the inane chatter of the (mostly wives/whores of the) rentier class. Or turn it off. I mean, nothing important is said.

And by the way, it was quite obviously filmed by the help. That's a serving table that the camera's on. And the only people who touch things on the serving table are the help. And the camera stays on til the help is done cleaning up after their masters. I'm saying this because too many of the American peasant class are under the mistaken impression that the only tables in a dining room are the tables you eat from, and you actually carry food to your dining table yourself.

Fucking plebs.

Anyway, I'll be getting some chips & dip and watching this tonight. Love the plane crashes, me.

Gold Report interviews Brock Salier from GMP Securities

Here's a good interview - Brock Salier from GMP. Pretty much can tell this guy actually does the math and knows how mines are financed and built - doesn't just shoot his mouth off like a Casey drone.

Stocks in the news

Not really stocks in the news. I'm just gloating like fuck.

#1 - MCP broke its SMA(50), is now over $14. I have to admit I added double at $13.70 or so, then saw my position dwindle to break-even - but now I'm happy. Nobody picked it, I did.

#2 - BTO buys out CGA, shares tank. Gloating cos I happened to not own any this morning when the news came out. I'd sold for smokes money, and thought I was an idiot for doing so. Props to IKN for calling it overvalued, but I never got that email.

#3 - Pilot Gold shoots 100m of 5g/t in a real panty-dropper of a drill release. Own $10K worth right now (well... $15K on the news), despite Jojo saying he didn't see an immediate catalyst for a price rise. And of course it would have been stupid to buy hoping for a glory hole like this. I guess that increased volume I saw in the chart was one of those "buy on the leak" things that people say never happens in the junior market.

#4 - NCU up to $3.40, again advancing for no reason other than its own brilliance. Again, I own it, you probably don't, neener neener, where you gonna get cho' beta from boy?

Of course, I do also have other stocks up mightily which were reccies from the newsletters I follow.

And other stocks which were reccies and took off mightily, I don't own and haven't cos they took off too fast.

So perhaps the real message is, everything's going up and it's not luck or skill so much as it is the truism that stocks correlate 80% with their index.

Still, nice day to be me.

And also, China just slit its throat

There's all that China news going about. Hear it? Demonstrations against Japanese embassies, and even now against the US ambassador, over a bunch of never-inhabited rocks in the ocean - with, erm, maybe oil under them, of course.

But more importantly, there have been things in the news suggesting the Chinese are willing to ban rare earth exports to Japan. That Japanese factories are being shut down due to protests. And that China is even willing to puke Japanese and American debt in an act of economic sabotage.

Way to fuck yourselves, you dumb Chinese asshats!

The idling of Japanese factories in China has taught industrialists to stay the fuck away from your country from now on - after all, now you're fucking with a company's critical supply chain. They can no longer trust you enough to build a factory in your country. Say goodbye to them western jobs, which will probably move somewhere like Poland or Thailand where the people aren't foolish morons.

Also, the threat to cut off rare earth exports has also fucked your country. Now everyone is going to be looking to develop their own non-Chinese not-in-China rare earths project. And nobody will be signing up with suppliers from China, since you've proven you're willing to (again) cut off a company's critical supply chain.

What's Confucian for "cut off your nose to spite your face"?

Good luck with the starving to death in the cold with the open sewers of human waste. Cos that's what you're going back to now.


Gold almost hit $1780 overnight. Just sayin'....

And now, the news:

BI - Deutsche Bank says "gold is money". Two things: #1, Gary Tanashian will probably shudder at how many people, even how many institutions who should know better, are quite suddenly joining the Ron Paul brigade. #2, stick that in your pipe and smoke it, mister "gold is an asset class"! Seriously though, they do make a decent argument. As they say:
While it is included in the commodities basket it is in fact a medium of exchange and one that is officially recognised (if not publically used as such). We see gold as an officially recognised form of money for one primary reason: it is widely held by most of the world’s larger central banks as a component of reserves.
...we refer to Gresham’s Law – when a government overvalues one type of money and undervalues another, the undervalued money (good) will leave the country or disappear from circulation into hoards, while the overvalued money (bad) will flood into circulation.
All in all, if you're an econ wonk, you probably think they make some interesting points.

WSJ Marketbeat - Gold to da moon Alice! Yet again, something to make Gary Tanashian shudder in abject terror: it's become a truism that gold will go up. It won't end well, he'll tell you!

Ritholtz - Gold doesn't correlate to inflation. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, mister "gold is an inflation hedge"!

Gawker - Popular contributor to Turd Ferguson Metals Report dies. Quote:

A Carson City man who neighbors say was an "anti-government" recluse, died recently leaving behind just $200 in the bank — but a fortune in gold coins, gold bars, stocks, and cash inside his home.

City officials say Walter Samaszko Jr., 69, has lived alone since his mother died in 1992, and had been dead at least a month before law enforcement officials were alerted to the smell emanating from his house.
That's how it ends for the goldbugs - not with guns blazing as the UN/One World Government/Zionist Conspiracy marches their attack robots down your street. No, goldbugs. It ends with a bunch of gold bars and coins surrounding a liquefacting corpse, getting eaten over the space of weeks by mice and insects. And maybe your cat. The final irony is that the IRS will then sue your estate for capital gains.

And now, for non-gold news:

Borker - Math isn't an edge. Or as he says, when told about how a company is so darn undervalued: "and then what?"

Abnormal Returns - Article uses PE ratios to assert the market isn't overvalued. The caveat? See "Borker", above.

Cam Hui - Demographics vs US stock market. Funny nuff, the demographic trend suggests to him that the bear market will continue for years, with a bottom around 2018.

Now I've personally felt uncomfortable with the assertion that the market bottoms at 2015, or 2013, or 2016. I don't give a shit that the average bear is 16.5 years - 'average' means there's variation, first of all! I've also thought China would cause the next and final crash (their demographic cliff comes around 2014-2015); but that sort of collapse takes a year or more just to play out. Also, as Reinhart & Rogoff note, debt-deleveraging takes a hell of a lot longer to do than 2-3 years - it should take around a decade.

So I can see the merit in expecting the bottom in 2018, rather than sooner. And, by the way, economics is a posteriori to demographics, so demographic arguments carry infinitely more weight; especially because economics is still oggity-boogity voodoo with utterly no scientific basis, or even anything approaching empiricism, while demographics is a true science.

The world doesn't say "fuck you, you idiot fucktard economists" nearly enough, I think.

And finally,

Tumblr - an entire photoblog dedicated to Mo Farah running away from things. Cuz it's funny. To see him run away. From things.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

various newsdribbles

BI - formerly underwater mortgages are now coming up for air.

Zikomoletter - all fundamental data is wrong. In general, that is. Very pertinent to junior miners. But also very pertinent to making money: I no longer care much for fundamentals, except as a reassurance that there is some value underlying a thing (so I'd buy, say, BCM before I buy Snickercorp Silvercorp). But still, fundamentals are unimportant; what's important is, is it going up? Or as he says, "When placing my own money at risk, I think it is better to see the world as it is, rather than how I might want it to be."

That's technical analysis, by the way....

BBC - There's an island where Prince Philip is worshipped as a god. Sorry, I was drunk when I compiled most of this. But it's still a nice story. He even sends them pictures, nice fellow.

And, always remember this cardinal rule of the internet:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Yes, Romney hates America

This is not a political blog, this is me and my own opinions and the 5 or 10 people who keep coming back for more abuse.

Still... aw, what the hell.

Link from Mother Jones, via our Peruvian Communist correspondent.

Wonder if this even sways opinion by 2%. In either direction. Cos you know some people love votin' for the hate.

As for me I like to ignore politics. It's the best kind of anarchism - pretend they ain't there and often they just go away.

Boardwalk Empire Season Three

Here's the trailers for Boardwalk Empire season 3....

First the one that explains things:

Then the crappy trailer:

Then the dramatic and better trailer:

All available for free via certain Swedish hackers by the way.

(Bums me out that Manny Horvitz got killed off already.)

And also, the new season of QI has started.

Good times! Was a very boring summer.

More newsglobules

BI - Fleckenstein interviewed on King World News: blah blah Satan blah blah silver rounds blah blah guns & ammo. Also, he thinks bonds are finished as "a place to hide". So invest in metals. Gee, I wonder which ones: tin? Lead? Pfft.... Well, at least GT's "omg inflation" chorus is singing early to greet the new dawn.

Beyond Brics - the Indian government are big fat liars. In contrast to Kiron Sarkar's idea that India may be rounding a corner, this other guy is doubtful. One of them is wrong. The market will tell us. Sarkar versus Prasanna: two men enter! One man leaves!

WSJ Marketbeat - is the Euro rally a classic short squeeze? Well, obviously everyone was on one side of the boat, as (I think) JC Parets kept saying. Now they found out they were wrong. But is that really all? And by the way - a strengthening Euro is bad for Europe. It's bad for the periphery, who only just started posting trade surpluses; it's especially bad for Germany, who are now uncompetitive again.

Mental Floss - How one pilot helped defeat communism.

Beyond Brics - China shipping takes a plunge. This includes a 13% July yoy contraction in shipping to Europe; differentiating between core and periphery (or as I like to call them, cunt and non-cunt), northern shipping dropped by 9% while southern shipping dropped by 21%. Cos austerity's caused an economic depression dontcha know. I'd expect this is a big reason that China was looking doomy earlier this summer.

Beyond Brics - China slowdown - Fed to the rescue? China is indeed a clusterfuck, but you've gotta admit that a restart of US growth would be a very positive thing for China's economy. After all, the only thing they can do without fucking it all up is exporting cheap shit to white people.

Put the two articles together, and you'd have to think that if US growth brings stimulus to other nations, and if perhaps Europe is done sucking, that maybe China's seen the worst? Yes, it's still a clusterfuck, but it's now perhaps a clusterfuck that has hit bottom.

WSJ Marketbeat: JP Morgan says China's turned a corner. To wit: their "real-economy momentum indictor for China, which has been negative for every day since April 5, flipped to positive on Sept. 6". Dunno of what value that is. But if you're bearish China, please do keep one eye on the market.

Just need to gloat for a sec

Corn's goin' up, eh?

Strange definition of 'up'....

Just realized something

Was ruminating to myself on the markets and trading, and came up with what I think could be a contestant for the prize of "stupidest possible idea in investing":

"Gee, I'd like to buy that really good stock that's going up. But unfortunately, right now my money is tied up in stocks that are going down."

Problem is that there are certainly much dumber ideas, especially in the realm of junior miner stocks.

But it is right up there, ain't it?


The Borker - check it out, JC Parets noticed the new high in net new highs. So again, the market is bullish.

Kiron Sarkar - daily commentary. He thinks India's finally decided to begin some long-needed economic liberalisation, and thinks it's about time to contemplate being bullish India. Also, he remains bearish on China, and thinks therefore he should be bearish on commods and miners - despite the fact that QEs typically blow bubbles in the commod complex, instead of the intended effect of doing anything for the economy.

Other stuff in there too, but some good quotes. As I've noted myself:
Germany’s regional banks are materially under capitalised, with question marks as to their solvency, though Germany is unwilling to address the issue at present.
And importantly,
Given the positive decision by the German Constitutional Court, in particular, though also the subsequent FED announcement, I have returned to being fully invested. Funds remain underweight equities and the pressure on them will increase as we get closer to the year end, given significant under performance by many institutions/Hedge Funds YTD.
I've been put off Sarkar's opinions a bit recently, due to a couple things he's said that made him look like he's letting his preconceptions get in the way of his perception. E.g.: Greece is not leaving the Eurozone; it can't, now, because Germans are buying up all the cheap Greek property and stocks.

Still, for the time being he's worth listening to.

BIG - Sell rosh hashanah, buy yom kippur. With reasons from Art Cashin, via BI. Now if only someone could tell me when the heck yom kippur is.

WSJ Marketbeat (no paywall) - in case you were worried that everyone's too bullish, here's some whining.

Also, Economist - OMG teh China is teh doooom.