Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some light reading you can probably skip

There's no really important news today.

Oh, except for one thing... you can go triple-short silver at 2:14, then triple-long about 15 minutes later. Why? Bernanke's beard will be within 10cm of a microphone.

So here's the news:

Calculated Risk - Wednesday FOMC Meeting. The timeline for the day's precious metals trading is all laid out there for you!

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - We've driven retail out of stocks! Mission accomplished! I dropped him from my RSS a while back, but posts like this remind me that I do miss his jaded take on things like this.

Bloomberg - Google's profits sheltered in tax-haven Bermuda. What a fucking shithole of scum and villainy. I hope they get fucking prosecuted under RICO, the fucking scum-bag thieves and kleptocrats. And let's see how long this post survives on Google-owned Blogger.

And one for Otto:

Beyond Brics - Colombia, Peru cheer EU free trade deal. Otto might be interested in the part where they talk about booze. Then again, I'd expect domestic Peruvian booze is cheaper than imported, even without duties (which from my own Canadian experience are never eliminated with a "free trade deal"), and I doubt he's all that picky.


  1. Otto it-is-five-o'clock-somewhere Rock being picky? Don't think so.

  2. Oooh errr, get you two!

    FWIW, not and never have been a whisky (with or without E) fan. I'm a grapey guy, enjoy Argy/Chilean reds and Peruvian pisco (straight shot of the quality end of the pisco market, rather than pisco sours). And a beer with a cebiche (& when you try beer with cebiche, you'll understand why, too).

    1. E? I didn't know people ever drink whiskey with their Ecstasy. Maybe Genesis P. Orridge, but he's a little special anyway.

      I honestly haven't tried any American red wine, south or north. Typically I only buy Italian or French - I figure it's best to go to the guys with 2000 years of history making it.

      And no way in heck I'll ever eat raw fish. Evarr.

    2. Raw fish? Try fermented herring, which for some strange reason some people eat here in Sweden in the autumns. You should see the cans, the internal pressure must be 5 bar at least and must be opened in a bucket of water unless you want to spray yourself with the contents. Disgusting.

      I'll stick to the Chablis, thank you very much.

    3. Surströmming? I hear the smell can kill a seagull at 500 metres.

      I like a good Tilsit - it smells like someone vomited on an unwashed crotch - but Surströmming is probably outside my bounds of decency. There are some things you shouldn't ferment, and things that aren't fruit or cabbage or dairy is one of them.

    4. WTF! How come you know about surströmming?

      Did you collect your complimentary cans at Nordic Mine's booth at PDAC and found out the hard way?

      Kimchi is the only fermented stuff I've ever eaten, and it's pretty tasty.

    5. I like learning about all things sick and twisted that the human race is capable of.

      For example I've also heard of Lars von Trier:

      Yes I know it's Denmark not Sweden. But it's still funny.

  3. Cebiche is amazing and its not really raw fish, try it with wild Gilt Head Bream or Black Bream and you simply cannot not like it (that make sense?!)! Its going on the menu in my new pub/restuarant venture for sure. Never tried it with a beer though...will give that a go next time. I expect Peruvian cebiche is on another planet though, sice they essentially invented it. Fermented fish sounds grim.

    1. A decent white flesh seafish is key, fresher the better. From there it's a question of taste, though i like sea bass. The other thing round these parts is the lemons, that have a specific flavour and acidity that's difficult to emulate without the raw material at hand.

  4. Are the Seabass over there the same species as the Cornish ones here? I like a little lime juice too buts thats maybe cos the lemons here are a little sharper.