Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy 68th birthday, Teri Garr

She's 68 now, easily old enough to be my mom, but Teri Garr was still (I think) one of the cutest and sexiest hotties of the 20th century.

So here's a collection of her appearances on David Letterman. Which I never missed. Because even at a young age I still had a heck of a thing for her.




Again 1987, cos you can tell Letterman really had a thing for her:

And OMG, at 45 she was doing commercials for panties:


  1. Teri Garr, good call sir. First up she's a good actor (close encounters, exhibit A). She was hot, that is correct. She's also a battling MS sufferer and that takes cojones.

    Holy wow, sixty-eight?

  2. Great videos - Teri Garr and Charles Grodin were my favourite Letterman guests. I guess we all change as we get older, but Letterman and his show sure were a lot more fun back then - that's why you watched...you just never knew where the interview was going to go ! Back then I always thought of Letterman as too awkward and funny looking to ever have much success with women. But since the revelations of all that went on with his interns - the chemistry and sexual innuendo between him and Teri has a completely different feel to it...