Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Exercise in close reading for you

BI - Buffett, Soros ask for a higher estate tax. The important thing here is the statement:

If the White House and Republicans don't reach a deal, however, the estate tax rates are set to revert to Clinton-era levels, when estates valued at more than $1 million were taxed between 37 percent to 55 percent.

Yet another real, underlying, unstated reason why the rich are against letting the US go off the fiscal cliff. Add that to the increase in dividend and cap gains taxes. Now you know the real opinion of every single talking head.

Y'know, when I look at the "fiscal cliff" deal that was made earlier this year, I really gotta say those Republicans really fucking screwed the pooch in an epic way. I mean, this was the deal:

Osama Fartbongo: Hey, let's set up this deficit commission so that if we don't come to a solution, a bunch of sequesters and tax increases automatically take hold. Good idea, eh? Oh plus the Bush tax cuts expire.

Republicans: Hey, great idea! Then you'll have to cave in or we'll have you over a barrel!

Osama Fartbongo: Yas'm I sho' will hafta gib y'all egga-zackleh wut 'choll wawn, mastuh! (Heh heh heh....)

God, those Republicans were played like fucking morons.

Which they are.

Thus proving... well... that the Republican Party has become a party of morons.

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