Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Debt ceiling on InTrade - a ZeroHedge article

ZeroHedge - the odds of a debt ceiling deal by year end have plummeted to 16% on InTrade.

My opinion? Good. The Bush Tax Cuts were a fucking stupid fuckup that fucked up the US fucking fiscal position. Get rid of them. Tax the rich. Then the deficit disappears and the fucking Rethuglicunts have nothing to complain about.

Also they're fucktards.


  1. Replies
    1. I believe in rational politics, and don't adhere to the orthodoxy of left or right. I have even voted for the PCs in the past, when their candidate was the best of the 3 available. Also Liberal, NDP, have been a Green party member, and presently support the Pirate Party.

      In this case, the tax giveaways were bankrupting the United States.

      Also, I'm pretty certain the fiscal multiplier on tax breaks for the rich is significantly less than 1, so eliminating the tax breaks is the least costly way (GDP-wise) to reduce the deficit.

      Also, the tax breaks were meant to be temporary anyway.

      Also, while the people in favour of maintaining the cuts should have simply been thankful for all the free money the government was giving them, they instead have become more vile and hateful, demanding yet more money for themselves while demanding the poor just fucking starve to death.

      So on the one hand I'm supporting fiscal conservatism informed by actual understanding of economics.

      On the other hand I will be happy to see the sociopathic hateful plutocrats and their toadies get assraped for their arrogance.

    2. I dont think eliminating the tax cuts will make the blindest bit of difference to the deficit - the extra dough will simply get swallowed up into the black hole of deceit and lies that the US Government calls its accounts.

      I also dont vote bacause I think that the cravings of power and public attention that is required to become a politician are the worst traits possible for someone to have if they hold office. 99% of them are self serving cunts and I cant work out who the other 1% is.

    3. Well, apparently as it stands right now, the elimination of the tax cuts will cut the deficit by 70%.

    4. And I guess cutting military spending by 20% would take care of the rest.

      On the other, the Canadians and the Mexicans are a scary bunch so you need an oversized military to keep them at bay.

    5. For the money the Americans spend on one new fighter jet, I could hire a million Somali teenagers, and give each of them an AK-47, an ammo can, and 2 weeks of MREs.

      One million armed Somali teenagers beats one fighter jet.

      The US problem is they don't understand the diminishing returns of technology on the battlefield - tech doesn't control ground and win hearts & minds.

      Another problem of course is that the defense industry basically has absolute control over US military spending. It's entirely out of the hands of the elected officials.

  2. Stopit, youre killing me!!! I like the way you arse covered with the "as it stands"! We both know 1. These cuts wont happen and 2. Even if they did as sure as eggs is eggs 70% is a laughable outcome and wont happen.

  3. I did my masters thesis on Network Centric Warfare, but i cant remember what I concluded cos ive smoked too much endo since then.