Thursday, December 13, 2012

A great excuse to do two things!

Entirely by chance, I came across this website and it has given me an excuse to do two things:

1. It gives me an excuse to go to PDAC on the Tuesday, to see my hero Clive "All Other Miners Suck" Johnson talk about B2Gold! And also Nicaragua.

2. It also gives me yet another reason to talk about how awesome Calibre Mining is, because their bearded rocknerd CEO Greg Smith will also be giving a talk, on how great the CXB drill results have been! And also Nicaragua.


  1. You already had an excuse. Daniela. Sure, now you can say oh this Clive will talk shit and b32gold and nicaragwa and xcb results nicwawa boohah gabba gabba hey PDAC here I come today.

    Daniela. Smokin' Daniela. that is all.

    1. I don't go to Toronto for Daniela. Got much hotter Italian girls here.


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