Thursday, December 13, 2012

A few newsbits for today, nothing much

Gold is down a bit because... China? I dunno. Silver is down much more strongly because... worldwide industrial collapse or something? I dunno.

GDX and GDXJ are backing off from the Bollinger mean just like I thought they would yesterday. We'll see if they print a lower low in the next few days, or not. Tax loss puking should be about done, I'd think - there's even someone from retail buying Calibre Mining today! A whole one person!

AQM of course is back to 8.5 cents. On 3600 shares traded. After the release of their stellar PEA. Because... well... I'll let Otto explain that.

Anyway, here's some news:

JC Parets - is this guy identifying the coming major secular shift? His EAFE:LatAm ratio chart identifies something important. When the US equity bear ends, you should expect the first world to thereafter outperform the third world. This is basic Jim Rogers theory. If US equities go into a secular bull, the third world and commodities will go inexorably down. The problem is, his chart seems to be saying the shift is happening too soon! Too soon damn you! Does this mean the China banking collapse that flips the switch will happen in 2013? It's too damn soon!

FT Alphaville - Europe gets a banking union, as long as it's the one the Germans want. Typical.

BI - The neocons just don't fucking get it. The logic is so simple, I bet even the lowlifes who read my blog will understand. Here:

P1: If there is no compromise, the Bush Tax Cuts will expire; dividend taxes and capital gains taxes both go up; and the estate tax comes in at a $1M cutoff taxed at between 37%-55%.

P2: Obama has offered a compromise that retains some of the bush tax cuts, has a higher cutoff and lower tax rate for estate taxes, and maybe even compromises on dividend and cap gains (I haven't heard much on that one).

P3: The neocons want to minimize tax increases.

Given P1, P2 and P3, the logical conclusion is?

C1: The neocons should accept the compromise.

Instead, basically, the neocons are telling the Rethuglicunts to not compromise. That means they'll get hit harder with tax increases. Being obstreperous, obstructionist and obtuse is going to give them a result that is diametrically opposed to their own best interests!

My god, it's almost as if someone experienced with tantrum-throwing bratty children was responsible for this tax cliff!

Fucking retards. Seriously: this is what happens when your party gets rid of all its intelligent politicians and replaces them with fucking retarded Jesus-worshipping fucking closet-queer fucking science-denying fucking dogmatic fucking neo-Nazi fucking school-hating fucking MORONS.


  1. I think you forgot to put racist in there.

  2. Im not seeing anything remotely racist in there

    1. Actually, I suspect part of the reason they never want to work with Obama is that he's partially black by birth, and they don't want to get labelled as "nigger-lovers".


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