Thursday, November 1, 2012

R Daniela interviews Dennis Gartman

Well, at least he's not another fucking Casey. And he makes some good points that show he's not one of the morons spouting off ideological talking points.

Oh, speaking of which, I got the most intriguing abusive rant at youtube in response to a comment I posted on the Casey interview. Hateful, venomous, and also poorly spelled. So I guess that's the level of the average Casey worshipper?


  1. You believe in Gartman, one of the best contra indicators for Gold?
    Has Gartman ever explained, why Operation Twist 2 works as a stealth form of QE?
    Why doesn't he mention the structure of the FED's treasuries right now and what have to happen next if interest rates should not skyrocket?
    Doug Casey and other goldbugs at least have understood, that the Kondratieff-cycle is nearing it's end, while Gartman is spreading desinformation of normality.

    1. You believe in Kondratieff Winter? What silliness.

      I don't "believe in Gartman", but if he pisses off jesus freaks like Grandich and the closet homosexuals over at ZeroHedge then he's okay in my book.

  2. Gartman has called gold right in the past 6 months. I did not follow him before then. I despise ideologues including gold bugs and gold detractors or anyone else who is so poorly schooled in economics and investments that they attach themselves to an ideology/bias. Oh by the way, I hold gold, some stocks, international bonds and real estate and a lot of cash. i am smart enough to know that any of these asset classes may or may not perform well. Not because I am not smart. Rather because we live in a world in which government policy drives valuations and such policy and its effects are unpredictable.