Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last "blog stats" post of the day

So I know that there's some people out there who wonder how much traffic my blog actually gets in a day. Ooh, is he a famous person, they say? Is he awesome and shit?

Well, I have maybe a dozen readers, and a lot of those are people you would never want to meet in person.

The most traffic that I get is through Google searches; obviously, there are a large number of people out there who do their stock research via Google (ain't the internet awesome?) and for some reason a lot of the time that leads them to my little ramshackle hut in a festering swamp in the woods.

But then there's this:

For the love of God and all that is holy!

To be fair, a lot of those D.C. searches are probably being generated by her recent Casey interview that was put up two days ago on Youtube. The D.C. traffic is usually quite a lot less than that - maybe only 2-3 searches a day, mainly from places like Thailand and India where to be fair men probably have a lot less to do with their time. So it's the Casey loons who are all wound up about their new internet idol, and have swarmed out onto the internet searching for all the info they can find.

Now with my advanced learning in Sociology and Moranology, I'm able to deduce a few things:

1) Most Casey fans are horribly single and fucking lame.
2) Most Casey fans are clueless fucktards who are tardishly oblivious to basic social cues.

To wit:

Now quit bugging the internet.


  1. g'day sir:
    hoping you can help shed some know use your massive, all-knowing, cxb-loving brainpower--- and bounce it off your best bud Otto and whatnot--pretty sure he ignores me.

    Keeping it as short as possible--what is the problem with Moneta's economics?

    I see a problem with the share price at $9/ounce, not the economics.
    Exhibit A)
    NGDs blackwater PEA:

    end of exhibits.
    you'll note how horrendous that PEA is compared to Moneta's..what with CapEx being $1.8B instead of $600M and IRR being 14% as opposed to Moneta's 24% (ignoring small difference in gold price--the point stands I believe).

    And you'll also note how the market never even considered "punishing" NGD for buying RVC at $10 what was once $0.10---even after those economics were revealed

    PS. still selling organs to buy CXB shares, or just sitting tight for now?

  2. How do you finance $600m when your market cap is $50m.

    Now I gotta get back to the new redhead thread at Fark

  3. You wait until the market realizes how fucking stupid current pricing is, money flows back into the sector etc etc.
    Nobody is going out to raise $600M tomorrow...the question is whether or not this is an opportunity, or whether there's a real reason for this discrepancy and that this company is a dead fucking dog
    looks as though there is appetite to fund these types of projects--with NGD and all-- but maybe I'm out to lunch

    1. Sure, agreed. So you don't buy, you watch the chart til it does something. Like the other 500 companies in the same situation.

      Smart guy at PDAC said "don't buy any stock where buyout is the only exit strategy. "

  4. Fair enough---would look to sell if valuation reached say, the low end of cheap--- $25/ounce or so. In line with the low end of the range of PRB, PDG, GCU, TRR -- they were getting maybe $30-80. So we triple from the current $9-10/ounce to $25-$30, then look at staying away..I mean not even looking at full mean reversion here..

  5. Pretty sure wedding bands usually go on the left hand. And I quite like Doug for what its worth...but then again I would probably not argue with being called a fucktard, just not a lame single one. PS Particularly enjoyed you rant the other day, your blog truly is "written from the heart"!