Monday, June 24, 2013

My reading list

Market Internals and Data

Ignore everything and follow only the data. The data is the data, the chart is the chart; the market can be wrong for a long period of time, but eventually it has to conform to the data.

New Deal Democrat at Bonddad Blog - his weekly summary of US economic indicators is second-to-none. He seriously is ten times better than the ECRI.

Calculated Risk - just the hard data, no politics. Once you figure out what's important to follow, he helps you follow it all week.

Bespoke Investment Group - just the hard data, no politics. Their perspective is especially vital when emotion is running high. I cancelled my subscription to their premium service, but their free service still gives you decent enough info about what the market's up to right now.

FT Alphaville - A free blog from Financial Times. They pay attention to the world, not just the US; and to bonds and currency, not just stocks. I personally found it very difficult to read them originally, but over a year I've found it easier to follow what they're on about. The commentary is true City wonkage, and gives you a window into what the professionals are thinking about weeks before it gets into the lamestream media like Business Insider.

Emerging Markets

There's probably more EM news out there, but frankly the below is more than enough for me.

FT Beyond Brics - 20-30 articles a day on the EMs. Feel free to skip the countries you don't care about. But it'll keep your mind open to the possibility that other countries exist, and they are either good or bad.

Sinocism - more China news than you would ever want to read about. Seriously. You don't need to read all this unless you want to know all there is to know about China. A huge news report out by 10PM every night about that morning's China news.

Commie economists

It's finally being proven that the left-wing commie pinko economists have been right all along, and so now right-wing economics has devolved into a bunch of talking-head Fox News clowns blathering on about what they read off the back of an Ayn Rand novel. So here's a list of left-wing commie pinko economists for you to follow, in the hope that you can inoculate yourself against right-wing woo:

Paul Krugman - the king of flamewars, he never backs down from an argument.

Brad Delong - mostly news links, very little other content.

Mark Thoma - not so much a commie, but still a proper economist.

Evan Soltas - only an economics student, still a good blog. Gives lots and lots of links to journal articles, which is nice.

Antonio Fatas - hides his communist sympathies well, but he's probably on the side of the angels.

Chris Dillow - mostly British lefty issues.

Simon Wren-Lewis - also mostly British issues. Mostly talks about "mediamacro", which as far as I can tell is the neofascist mass-media's distorted, Rand-influenced idea of macroeconomics.


  1. Bull Market Run's morning missive for 10/28 mentions their biblical perspective on money. If they're going to compete with Grandich in that space they'll need to ramp up the right wing loony rhetoric as well. Maybe post some pics of Obama with devil horns and a goatee drawn on with crayons, for example. This will get them right down in Petey's mud in a hurry.

    1. Nothing wrong with them having religion. Desiring to convert their readers is a little icky. Haven't found any actual odious right-wing hatred a la Grandich on their site, so maybe they're the nice sort of Christians.

      But we'll have to see if their investment strategy is also faith-based....

  2. I adhere to the Book of Job investment strategy.

  3. >Krugman - he has been proven right and the doomers have been proven wrong. So take that for what it's worth. Also, he has more Nobel prizes in economics than you do.

    I see you IWNATTOS. :D

    I still hold to my theory that his policy predilections/suggestions/actions will be judged in a 10 year time frame. He has been mostly correct until now.

    That said, I've never been a hyperinflationista. I'm usually a middle ground guy.

  4. Since you have been following, are there any EMs that are looking strong right now? Not my forte. Vietnam perhaps?

    1. It looks as crappy as anything else.

      Saw an article today that suggested Mexico will avoid the EM bear curse cos of its manufacturing ties to the USA. Probably true.

      Greece is an EM now, you can buy that if you want. They probably have a good chance of going up from here.

  5. 3rd post. Which I had thoughts that didn't come piecemeal.

    No more JC Parets?

    1. Haven't seen any important links to him recently, probably deleted him off my RSS a while back. I've gone off chartie predictionism.