Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Global PMI's revealing pattern

Here's a link to  BI's story on all the national PMI readings that have come out over the past 12 hours.

Here's a world map from their site with pretty colours to make it easier for you:

Important to note, resource economies and China-dependent economies have gone down a bit. US-dependent and oil-dependent economies have done rather well.

That gives fuel to the idea that, compared to the rest of the world, the US economy is doing fine-ish.

But the worst to go down isn't the Chinazone.

It's Europe.

That tells you what the real lynch-pin is in this coming possible worldwide recession. It's not China and their inscrutable, fraudulent, paper-tiger economy; they're down a bit, but US strength is well compensating.

The real lynch-pin is Germany's obstruction of any European solution.Germans really would cut off their own noses to spite their faces, because frankly spiting people (even themselves) is part of German psychology.

Perhaps we'll be seeing Obama, Wen, Singh and a few Saudi princes phoning up these self-important cunts Weidmann and Merkel, to give them a good tongue-lashing for Germany's outright sabotage of the world economy? Perhaps they could even offer to kick Germany out of the G8 - after all, practicing economic sabotage on a worldwide scale just because you're a hateful, spiteful race with anti-democratic imperial plans probably should put you on an international-relations level with Iran.

By the way, if you want some real fun, go over to der Spargel's English-language site and read some articles in the German press about how all southern Europeans are corrupt, swarthy Untermenschen who need the glorious Fourth Reich to march in and govern their countries for them.


  1. This article is only tangentially related, but is another fine example of German hypocrisy for you to get your blood up about:

    If you can't shoot em (due to past transgressions)....give some guns to those who can!

    All kinds of lovely between the lines stuff in this article. The pictures fit right in with the whole thing too.

  2. Yes, and Germany likes selling arms to Greece btw. Methinks they wouldn't let the Greek government cut THAT part of the budget.

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  4. Really, I have no idea how to subscribe via email. I do everything by RSS, myself.