Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Someone all of a sudden wants Bear Creek

BCM has drifted down on little volume for a few days, most of it hit-the-bid selling by Anon.

But today, strangely, it's being bought in large volume, mainly by CIBC.

Price still ain't going up though. Too much selling.

I should go look for some Yanacocha news, eh?

UPDATE: Nope, no real news, and now CIBC is pulling a snit cos of me and have stopped buying.


  1. TAer betting on a breakout after yesterday's candle?

    Are there really bears in Peru?

    Nothing on the insider front except Watson exercising options:

    06/29/12 Watson, Nolan Allan,
    Director of Issuer 50,000 Exercise of options at $1.90 - $1.90 per share. $95,000

  2. Trade a candle like that on a stock like this? I think dumb people don't have $400,000 to blow on a speculative miner stock exposed to high political risk.

    Yesterday's candle was the result of tape-painting anyway.