Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HUI intraday

Here's HUI as of nowish:

Kinda funny that it went uppish, but then came back downish and just daintily touhed the EMA(8) and EMA(16) that form a nice little cluster just above the mean of the Boll(20). Right around some major May pivot points. All this after the RSI(8) went the highest it's been since PDAC.

So I guess you could take HUI 417, or even HUI 410 (the Boll mean), as a good entry point... limit your downside risk with a tight stop (since if it goes below 410 it's a dead puppy), maximize your upside risk. Eh?

Then again, China doom Greece doom USA doom commodities doom PMs doom rise of the machines doom. So maybe you should sell into this price before it gets any worse! Sell! Sell!

After all, it's a bearish outside day! I mean! Look at that candle! Oh noez!

I dunno. On a day like this, back when $HUI was going up, I'd be all over a day like today buying my ass back into the market 100%.

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