Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ron Paul, anti-war, versus Michelle Bachmann

Completely off-topic. But I'm waiting for the last installment of the Don Cherry miniseries, so I'm poking around YouTube for a few minutes.

Please try to survive the first minute of this video (Michelle Bachmann is a fucking twit, yes, and she's not even as fun as Sarah Palin is, yes). Then listen to Ron Paul talk about US foreign policy.

I am not a Rondroid. But I still love this guy's fresh-air take on foreign policy. He would destroy the USA with some batshit gold standard scheme. But I love his foreign policy.

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  1. Iran hasn't started a war for several hundreds of years, they are surrounded by US military bases and their nuclear wapons, and are under constant threat from Israel, a country that was allowed to develope nuclear weapons without any objections from the so called civilized free nations.

    The Teheran regime is despisable and I don't want them to have nuclear weapons, but I don't buy the concept that Iran are the bad guys and the US and Israel are the good guys. It's all about power and hegemony.