Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hey, something to like about Jeff Berwick

Here's the disclaimer to the Batero report what come outta Dollhouse Vigilante, that Otto Rock stole and linked to today:

"The Dollar Vigilante needs no disclaimer. Everything we say here is what we believe. Furthermore we need no disclaimer because we believe that all nation states, governments, securities agencies or other legislative bodies are illegitimate and we do not recognize them nor believe we need their permission to say what we feel about any topic and frankly think it is hilarious that people think a government body should be there to protect them.
However, because we know that all manner of Government agencies will come after us just for showing such disdain for them we are going to include a standard, cookie-cutter disclaimer below just to keep them off our backs. Enjoy reading it, bureaucrats at the SEC.

That is definitely a fun intro to a disclaimer. Good smash-the-capitalist-system attitude. Very Bob Black. Too bad about the whole Ayn Rand thing though.


  1. Yeah I had a laugh about that one too, especially as I imagined what TDV would do if it was ripped off by a company and needed the SEC all of a sudden in order to get its fiat trash worthless currency back.

  2. You know, he has a point. All anyone has to do to free themselves from statist communist socialist fascist statist tyranny, is start up an internet message board, IPO it for $40 million, then... um... wait....