Friday, March 16, 2012

Aw heck, more Daniela.

Here's Our Daniela interviewing Neil Woodyer from Endeavour, about stability in West Africa, and how he's not worried about gold prices.

And here's an interview with Brien Lundin, where he says he prefers silver to gold right now.

And here she interviews Glenn Nolan, incoming president of PDAC, who fails to suggest that next year PDAC will hold its convention somewhere better than the fucking MTCC, with its recycled air and hideously expensive food court, where everyone comes back with the flu for 2 weeks.

I mean really... I didn't come back with a cold this year, but I've been fighting a nasty low-level malaise for 2 weeks now that also (frighteningly) included a short spell where I had a piercing headache across the spot where the skull connects to the spine.


  1. i thought that plate of pasta looked really good, though. Bit pricey praps, but hell, live a little.

    Oh, and by the way, if anyone else is feeling a bit sorry for themselves this weekend, you'd do well to read this.

    You'll stop feeling sorry for yourself very quickly.

    1. The pasta was from Hoops down the street. No way I would eat food at PDAC, I don't have an expense account.

  2. BTW most food in Toronto is expensive, at least in places out-of-towners go to. But yes it was good. Better than a Moxie's, but then again you go to Moxie's for the girls in tight minidresses, not the food.