Friday, February 10, 2012

quick note

OK, while I certainly did think the market should go downish from here, my concern is the following:

I see no reason why BTO going for $3.90 yesterday should be down to $3.65 today. So I bought.

I see no reason why RIO was worth $4 a few days ago and now is worth only $3.70. So I bought.

Repeat for BCM, AR, AMM, and whatever else got puked this morning.

So I bot another $30K in stocks. Absent an impending doom, this mornings puke into thin bids was overdone, I felt. This is precisely the time when I should buy!

S&P is not the $HUI is not the junior miners is not these particularly well-performing stocks (well, if you want to call BCM or AMM "well-performing"....). Also S&P is not gold is not silver is not copper.

Also, AAPL is still going up, so obviously the world is still not ending.


  1. I never post my shitty trades, is all. :-)

    E.g. sold half my position back at the averaged cost.

    Still holding some though.

    Sold off the rest of my BTO at averaged cost today too.


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