Monday, July 11, 2011

It's copper season!

PGM just got bought out at $3 approx. We don't care exactly how much, because whatever the price is, it's a big win.

I did actually have some PGM left in my account, despite what I'd said earlier about dumping it. So, fine, it's all sold as of 9:35, and I've made a month's worth of money in one deal. Hooray. Diggin' my way out of that hole!

I guess I can feel somewhat vindicated, in that I had said copper miners were going to go up, and we should all own some.

So who's next on the buyout sweepstakes? After all, PGM got bought by a platinum/palladium miner. There should be more buyouts. I'm thinking DNT is next, since they've already bounced back up. I think I'll put a wad of my profits into that.


  1. how is CUU working out? A buy here?

  2. Otto considers CUU an "overpriced POS".

    He also doesn't think the chanes of a DNT buyout are high.

    I'm smelling fear right now so I'm actually cashing up, not buying.